Website Hosting – Hertfordshire

We have many years of experience managing our server packages and finding the best servers to use and installing your site on them.

We will make sure that the level of server and technology you need is available within your budget constraints.

Hosting Overview

We provide two main levels of Web Hosting with a lot of additional options to tailor hosting to your particular requirements. We also sell SSL certificates to make your website secure through our partnership with Instant SSL from Comodo Group.  This will be especially important if you are creating an ecommerce site.

Shared Web Hosting

We offer a very high standard but affordable Shared Web Hosting service which gives reliable hosting solutions for business Web Sites and without most of the limitations often found with shared hosting packages. We provide a regular hosting package which includes a number of email addresses (tailored for your requirements) and website hosting with many technological features as an additional option or that can be added easily at a later date.

We can also offer just email hosting for a minimal fee.  Just contact us for details – Herfordshire website hosting.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

If you feel your site is going to use a lot of bandwidth (a large amount of information being uploaded frequently) or will have very high traffic or other individual requirements we also offer a Dedicated Server Web Hosting solution which means your site will have its own server (not used by any other site) configured specifically to your requirements.  You can either leave this for us to manage, or you can manage it yourself (we can provide training) and thus you have a complete flexibility.

Our Servers are based in the UK meaning that you will be recognised as a UK site which is very important when considering search engine optimisation.