Importance of Custom Web Design Herfordshire

Having a web existence that is up to the market trend proves to be of great value and benefit for all web based businesses. This helps the business to grow and expand at an exponential rate. The outlook of the website of your company tells a lot about how serious and professional you are towards your work and it is through this way that you can gain attention of potential customers. With increase in web page formations, a large variety of templates and applications are available online that helps you develop your web page. They help to give a professional look to, no matter what your business is about. These templates that are available are pre-designed and serve to save your time and resource, but still they are not at par with web designs that are custom made.

Importance of Custom Web Design

How successful your business would be can be easily judged by the look of your website. Because, as most people would not be meeting you in person, the quality of your products or services that are offered and the attitude you have towards your business would be judged by the look of the web page. To put an impression that results in giving you benefit, your page needs to be highly elegant and professional looking, as the page is the whole representation of your company or brand. With the help of web development, you can easily customize your web page according to your need and style. You have the freedom to choose how your web page would look. Developers know how to take your requirements and then implement it in the creation process to help you in giving what you desire.

The liberty to choose all the features that would be contained in your website and how your website would be designed, is one of the greatest perks of using a custom web design. Having a good understanding of your business, what it has to offer and what type of customers, you deal to assist you in the development and choice of features and design that would best work in attracting your customers towards your business. Having your developer create a unique interface for your web page and business would enhance your business performance and growth.

Custom web designs give you the option to edit and add any desired feature, according to your own free will at any time according to your needs, this feature is not available in pre-designed templates. The business flexibility that is offered to you by custom designs is not achievable with a pre-designed template. You can push your limits in making it as attractive and striking as possible so you can keep visitors attracted as much as possible.

A custom web design gives you full control over you developed web. Make sure that the web site is not too complicated for your visitors, keep it as simple as possible. Having a complex site would deviate customers from it. With a simple one, management of all features within the website and to offer all of them to your visitor and to give them a pleasant experience would be an easy job. These visits can then swiftly convert into sales. Content that would target the audience and capture them should be chosen, so that people get the very best when visiting your site.

Source by Yasir M Chohan

Portfolio Basics for Web Design Students: Your Logo and Tagline Herfordshire

When marketing yourself as a designer, there is nothing more important than an effective portfolio that showcases your creativity and skills. As a student, the main focus of your portfolio should be to impress prospective employers or clients and allow them to successfully view your work and contact you if they are interested in hiring you.

Your logo and tagline are a representation of yourself as a business. It should be the part of your portfolio that is the most memorable for clients and employers. In this series (of many more to come), we will go over how to create a logo that’s noticeable and current trends in branding that will help get started on your online presence.

Your Logo

Your logo is the first indication of your “personal style” to people visiting your site. Reflecting the type of work you do in your logo will help create a more consistent brand throughout your website. Making this part of your portfolio as unique and memorable as possible is the ultimate goal. You want to stand out from other student designers that may be competing for the same position as yourself.

Who are you?

Defining a few elements of your business and yourself as a person is a good way to get started with your portfolio logo. Do you freelance or work for an agency? Who is your target market? What kind of people or companies do you normally work with or attract? How would you describe yourself? Having the answer to some of these questions can get you started in the right direction when it comes to brainstorming ideas.


Don’t always rely on trends. Trendy logos usually don’t have a long lifespan and will probably need to be re-designed in a few years. If in doubt, fallback to something solid, such as structural shapes or incorporating your name/initials.


* Always link your logo to your homepage. This is generally expected from all websites now, so it’s good practice to include this on your portfolio for easy navigation.

* Your logo doesn’t always have to include your name, but it’s a good idea to have your name somewhere near your logo or within your tagline.

* Positioning your logo near the top left or top middle is always a good idea because it’s where the eye is naturally drawn to when a new webpage is opened.

Your Tagline

Your tagline is a description of who you are, what you do and the most important benefit your client will receive from your services within a short phrase or slogan. Writing a memorable tagline can be difficult, especially if you’re still trying to figure out your overall brand as a student designer. List your benefits and what sets you apart from the competition. Why should clients choose you over someone else? Why should this employer hire you?

Get To The Point

Your tagline should communicate clearly and get to the point. Remember that you are selling the benefits of what you have to offer, not the features! Employers that are looking at portfolios don’t have time to decipher jargon or big words. A slogan is most effective when your audience can understand it immediately. Keeping your slogans under one sentence will help avoid this problem.

Get Feedback

Before revealing your logo to clients, employers and the general public, get feedback from other designers and peers. Getting feedback is something that is sometimes overlooked by young students. Although getting feedback can sometimes be a painful process for your ego, it will only make your logo better.


No slogan is etched in stone. Your logo and tagline are the first impression that clients, employers and others designers are going to judge you on. Putting a sufficient amount of time and effort into perfecting these will help you in creating a more consistent feel to your portfolio. Creating confidence within your skills and abilities though a solid mission statement in your tagline and a consistent brand through your logo will help you gain more attention with your portfolio as a student web designer.

Source by Janna A Hagan

Why & How to Choose a Web Designing Company Herfordshire

The online business is getting huge priority nowdays. The growth of web designing company has changed the scenario. Now there is no need to take headache for website design and development. Choose a design company, instead of doing the job yourself. My discussion will revolve around how to choose and why choose a web designing company. I will tell you how a web design directory can help you in this matter. Today genuine information is less available. And it is true that we have less time as well. So we need the help of a directory to get things fast.

However, first let us venture the reason 'why' to choose a web designing company. This will help us to understand why so many companies are in the market to help us design and develop a website:

  • Accessing requirements is not easy. You may be having some ideas in mind. But for planning and structuring the project, you need experts; Otherwise short fall of resources and increase of investment is inevitable.
  • It is tough to gather experts fast to meet requirements. It is difficult for you to gather expert and experienced designers fast for complex and latest technological implementations.
  • Time does matter. You hire people for in-house development and it may turn difficult for you to understand the time consumption. Designers and developers might exploit your little inefficiency.
  • In-depth research on market trends is must. If you hire a web designing company it will certainly help you to design and develop a site with an eye on visitors' trends and taste. They have experience in market research.
  • Project cost does matter. Independent handling of the project will cause higher cost. Any web designing company provides package. Today in the market affordable design and development packages are available.

The above were the primary factors for avoiding independent project development rather than offering a project to a web designing company. Now let us find the ways:

  • Decide your maximum budget first. Now haunt for a web designing company through internet. You may rely on directories to get your suitable company.
  • Set your mind if you are going to outsource the project to an offshore company or not. These days offshore companies do provide great solution at great price.
  • Do a little research to know the benefits of open source designing. You may search a web directory where you will get details about companies working on open source and they will show you the benefits also.
  • Before choosing any company see the portfolio. Viewing the portfolio you will make out the versatility of a company. You may take the help of directories as there you get clear and clear idea and portfolio links of maximum companies at a time.
  • Choose a company that can provide you experienced and expert people. Without experts your goal of achieving the best website that looks fine and works properly, can not be possible.
  • Read and judge the customer satisfaction about the work of a company through testimonial. You have to know how a company works and keeps relation with the customers. In directories you may get customer reviews about this matter.
  • Before offering any project it is necessary to judge the existence and legal matters of a web designing company. Thousand of companies rise and leave, be careful. A popular directory always lists genuine companies.

These were the primary factors to choose a web designing company and how can a web directory be helpful to you. I already told you, why you have to choose or offer your project to a company instead of doing it yourself. If you follow the above points, I hope, you can easily choose a web designing company for your project. Remember, you have to save the time and money, yet have to get the best website for your company and for that a web directory is the best.

Source by Pamela Henderson

The Changing World Of Web Designing In 2017 Herfordshire

These days, there is a consistent argument that almost all sites are beginning to look the same. Much of this has to do with the way web designers are always using the user interface and user experience patterns. It is strange that the naysayers are not seeing how much these patterns have helped the common users – the web world has become much friendlier for the users now. There is a good reason too as to why web designers are using these patterns so often. There is tremendous competition these days in the online world among the different brands and there is no way anyone is going to take any chance with how the users feel in their websites. The journey has to be as smooth as possible.

It is all about making sense

They are sticking to what has worked for them so far, what is tried and tested, and considering how it has helped them stay in circulation it makes sense as well. They have moved far beyond dynamic & static web designing, so to speak. They are using these as and when they think that they would be appropriate in their sites. Their only aim is to make sure that their sites look better.

User interface kits

In this day and age they have become quite popular as tools for web designing. What further makes things better is that there are plenty of user interface kits out there that feature the best practices in the domain. These kits can be styled and changed rather easily and with them you get design functionality, which happens to be tried and tested and therefore guaranteed to help you succeed in the long term. A major example of such kit would be the Material Design Language started by Google during 2014. This language contains a collection of guides and principles of web designing that have been developed in such a way that the user can have a far-better experience no matter which platform or device he is on.

Consistency remains the key

As may be evident with the Material Design language the main purpose of web design these days is to create a single system that allows the users to have the same kind of experience across various platforms as well as devices such as smartphones and laptops. One reason why Google leads this field – and may continue to do so in 2017 as well – is the way it has brought into effect these principles in their own apps. This is how it has managed to stay ahead of the curve.

Following suit

The upshot of all this is that other companies are now following suit as well – once again their main aim is to make sure that the users have a far-better experience than they are used to on their sites previously. Experts state that in 2017 and beyond these user interface and user experience patterns shall continue to evolve and the number of brands implementing them in their websites will only head north. They will try to make sure that the users have a consistent and pleasant browsing experience.

Source by Rahul Ranjan Singh

B2C And B2B Portal Design: Trends In 2017 Herfordshire

As far as B2B and B2C web development is concerned it can be said, with a degree of certainty, that in 2017 the older trends of web design would cease to exist. Isn’t that obvious? In fact, everywhere you look you would see that the conventional notions of web design are making way for new and innovative thinking. In fact, established web designers such as Eric Meyer are these days not referring to themselves as web designers, instead preferring to go with the phrase experience designer.

As per the norms of traditional web design, design was supposed to enhance the appearance of the tech to the audience. However, web design has grown as a phenomenon and has become way bigger than that. These days, the web designers are no longer bothered only with aesthetics. Rather they need to make sure that the users have a better experience in navigating a website.

Conversational user interfaces

2016 has already seen some major things happening as far as conversational user interfaces are concerned. A number of experts are of the opinion that people will be getting in touch with companies and services by way of natural language interfaces such as messages and chats to name a few. These days, messaging platforms like Slack, Messenger, Facebook, and WeChat are being used more often than social networking sites and apps.

In fact, this has even got companies thinking about how they can make the most of this change. This is the reason why B2B, B2C portal development in the conversational way will be of such immense importance in 2017. Even though a lot of questions in this regard are yet to be answered you can be sure that in 2017 this is indeed going to be a major topic.

Animation such as graphics interchange format

Also known as GIF, graphics interchange format is expected to be a big deal in 2017 as is going to be animation in general. In fact animation is being used by a lot of websites and apps already. It is in this connection that graphics interchange formats are gaining some real attention. In fact, a lot of experts have stated their fondness for this form of animation already. In fact, graphics interchange formats are common in websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and as a B2C and B2B entity you can follow suit as well. However, you need to be careful and guard against overuse. There are several benefits of graphics interchange formats. They can help you draw the attention of a user and provide a far-better product experience as well.

With the help of such animation you can explain your workflow as well and also provide simple guides for the benefit of your users. There are several tools these days that can be used to make the graphic interchange formats such as Photoshop,, and Giphy. This has also meant that web designers are now equipped to let their imagination become real on screen. In this connection it also needs to be mentioned that responsive design is going to be big in 2017.

Source by Rahul Ranjan Singh

Important Reasons for Taking Website Designing Services Herfordshire

The ecommerce business is getting more and more competitive such that both large and small businesses are struggling hard to thrive. An outstanding and remarkable website is the sure shot way of succeeding in the market. You must know that the netizens are judicious and careful while browsing through the online websites. It is thus mandatory to add a professional touch to the business website. If you want to move ahead of the competition, you have to get in touch with a reliable company offering professional website designing services.

Choose only an expert company which is known for offering best possible results. Since there are a lot many experts offering web development, you need to do your part of the work to avail the best designing services.

Why choose the professionals?

The following are some of the noteworthy reasons:

· Professional grade: The set of experienced designers will adopt professional approach to help you create a professional grade business design. He will give you the hint about the professional elements to be incorporated in the website. Everything will be discussed in advance including the logo design, the layout, the banner design, the combination of colors, the title, etc. The professional will also incorporate outstanding content to uplift the design and functionality of the website.

· Create attractive visual image: The team of graphic specialists will come up with an attractive visual image for the brand to stay consistent across the diverse context. The professional will make sure that the web design, business card and the logo works side by side to improve your business image. He will help create a steady visual image in order to leave a long lasting impression on the visitors.

· SEO friendly website: If you choose the services, you will have an SEO friendly webpage for higher scalability. Search engines will rank your website higher only when the site is optimized. Such a webpage will carry right kind of pixel and everything will be perfect when the team adopts a procedural approach.

· More traffic and visitors: Everyone wants to enjoy thousands of online visitors in order to create sales. If the layout is attractive, you will have more traffic. A site having attractive and informative content will prove more useful for the visitors as they will come to know who you are. Having the glimpse of your first page, they will decide to browse through your website.

· Distinctive design: Only the set of right professionals can offer a distinctive touch to your online page. It will be pleasant and the posted content will be appropriate and thus create a fabulous impression on the visitors. If you wish for a unique and SEO optimized site to increase sale and profits, you should choose the best in the industry.

· The perfect form and content: Your website design and the posted content will be flawless. This is possible only when you reputed website designing services. The content will be clear enough to communicate your brand message perfectly.

Source by Nalini Tomar

4 Popular Web Design Trends Herfordshire

Web design is a creative field and the latest design trends continue to change and evolve. With the appearance of new technology and innovation, the ability to create the unique and functional sites become that much more possible. Here are a few of the popular web design trends:

Custom illustrations

Illustrations are a versatile solution to add unique visuals to the screen. The friendly and playful illustrations are a simple, yet effective way to include a touch of fun to the site. A skilled illustrator is easily able to create the designs that are fully tailored to match the tone and personality of the brand. With the online world becoming increasingly crowded, it can benefit to do something a little different to stand out. Plus, the custom illustrations can be used throughout the site, including custom iconography and header images.

Bold typography

The use of beautiful, bold and big typography has the ability to create the right tone, evoke emotion and create personality. With the sharper screen resolutions, the text is easier to read on-screen which makes it possible to design hand-rendered typography that is unique to any other designs. A great benefit of this is the option to use dynamic text that works in combination with parallax scrolling and image layering.

Authentic photography

The website built using authentic photography helps to create the most appealing and respected brands. Many sites rely on stock photos, but they are easily detected as not being original. Site designers are now putting more thought and effort into the imagery used on a site. By simply hiring the services of a skilled photographer it is possible to get the most authentic and custom photography that 100% matches the related content on the page.

Mobile-first approach

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile platforms, there are many sites that are built with a mobile-first approach. This design approach means that the limitation of the mobile platforms, such as the significantly smaller screen size is taken into account at the time of building the site. This can mean less content or information is on the screen, so it is essential to carefully consider the core message that needs to be communicated with the target audience. The websites can still include the extra content or visual bells and whistles, but this is reserved for larger screen devices.

Overall, with the right design principles put in place when working on a new website, it is possible to create something that is entirely unique and attracts the target audience.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

What Professional Web Development Companies Can Do For You Herfordshire

Establishing a strong online presence of your business is something that is essential if you want to be successful. It is due to technological advancements and the high demands of the consumers that business has gone online and to maintain the online presence, website owners are seeking for professional web development service providers who can help to attain their objectives. So, if you are investing in only a brick and mortar store, then you are potentially missing out on a huge amount of profit. Investing in web development services can help you enjoy higher revenues and business growth.

Reduce page load time

74 percent of the users only wait for five seconds before they decide to leave the site and if your page takes a longer time than this on a smartphone or laptop, then you would miss out potential customers. Reputed web development companies ensure that your site is responsive and has faster uploading time.

Mobile friendly website

With an estimated 3.6 billion internet users all over the world and more than 2.3 billion using a mobile device to access websites, there is an increased customer base that you can target to expand your business. Hiring expert developers will ensure that your site is accessible to the mobile users and the images, links and designs are compatible with all smartphones.

Save time and money

Another basic reason to select a custom web development company is to ultimately save both time and money. Though you may have to invest a little more now, but creating a responsive website will help you to adjust your unique business needs and add latest designing concepts and approach to your site. This will help you to remain stable in the market for a longer time period thereby saving time and money.

Implement SEO strategies

More than two thirds of a website’s traffic comes from Google and optimizing your site for the major search engines is vital. The credibility of the site, the quality of web design, content and etc. help Google spiders to crawl easily and offers a higher ranking to the sites in the SERP. To secure a higher position, the web pages must be well optimized and this can only be done by experts.

Keep up with the marketplace

Customized solutions offered by web development service providers will help you to remain competitive in the market. If you are still not visible online, then your competitors will take the lead and you will fall behind them. Adding latest technical features and functionalities to your site will help you to offer your customers what they are looking for and remain competitive in the market.

Free from managing multiple sites

There are many companies that choose to design separate websites for desktop, smartphone, laptop and tablet users. But once you hire expert developers, they can help you to get rid of multiple websites and create a responsive design that will function effectively on various devices without any hassles.

When you work with the latest technology to build your website, it requires some clear insight into the current trends and making a correct guess of what will happen in the future. This analysis can be done well by the experts as they are knowledgeable about the latest market trends. Hiring such experts often lead to business growth and assure certainty.

Source by Prince N

Why Is Web Design and Development So Important? Herfordshire

In today’s fast paced life, everyone wants everything to be perfect. There’s no denying it. Internet runs our lives. It fosters competition. And if you don’t keep up with the latest trends, you’ll lose your audience. You only have a few seconds to grab visitors’ attention. They want to see what makes you different. From valuable content to fast load times, from professional aesthetics to smart interactivity, they want to see something original, something that interests them in the first gaze. Since website is the first communication platform that users come across, so a creative web design is of primary importance. A thoughtful and professionally designed website speaks for itself.

Having a website enables you to reach millions of people out there. The greatest advantage of having a website is that it’s available to your potential customers 24 hours a day and can be viewed by anyone from any part of the world at any time. The competition of the corporate world makes it difficult for any business to enhance its presence in the global market. In a world where people stay online all day long, do you think a website with standard layout and pattern would capture their attention? Certainly not. These sort of web pages just don’t cut it. Factors like accessibility, usability, experience and appearance are more important than ever. If you have any of these missing, you are lagging behind. Imagine if your website looks outdated compared to the competition? Your web design needs to be the one which is versatile, professional and responsive enough to help you to stand out on any screen. The one which automatically fits into the screen based on the device it is viewed on. Not only does it allow visitors to look into your site intuitively and quickly, finding information in the least possible time, but it also encourages them to convert into valuable leads. This is where you call in the experts. The people who go about exploiting their expertise and knowledge to deliver you a design that represents your business in the best way possible and creates strong customer base. They look into customer’s lifetime value. Each and every aspect of your business, whether it be your ultimate mission, budgetary bounds or the target audience, everything is tabled before a final policy framework is tied up. They actually have a lot to offer to help you gain an upper hand in this cut-throat competitive world. Look around. See a number of options available and avail the best one!

Source by Yasir M Chohan

Why Your Online Marketing Efforts Need Assistance From a Local SEO Company Herfordshire

In general, Search Engine Optimization or SEO entails various kinds of strategies so that a permanent impression is created in the minds of the probable prospects residing in different parts of the world. However, before reaching the international and national targets, a business needs to reach out to the local prospects. The problem that one encounters in doing so is the sheer size of the World Wide Web, which buries a business site looking for local clients deep in search engine results. This issue is best dealt with local SEO. It is an ideal technique to target clients and customers existing in a particular geographical area. Usually, localized search marketing calls for a different approach that only a professional can plan and employ. Therefore, businesses looking for a local popularity online tend to hire a local SEO company that offers experienced and skilled expertise for employing different techniques to know and improve the business position in the local region instead of in the international market. Here are a few reasons why you will appreciate hiring a local SEO firm in your area.

Helps in Successfully Targeting Local Online Customers

Nowadays, Internet users are more looking for local Web sites. Almost more than 75% users search for local sites for gaining information or buying products or services. Therefore, your business certainly requires a local SEO strategy that can pull these local searchers to your site, who are looking for specific local offers. Probably, this is an ideal market segment that your site should attract. However, targeting them needs thorough comprehension of their online behaviors so that you can structure your online popularity in a way that they can spot easily. It is only a reputable and knowledgeable local SEO company that can offer you this expertise.

Prevents Ordinary Barriers for Local SEO

Have you designed your site on your own or have purchased it from a firm to gain more exposure on the Web? Irrespective of how you have gone ahead to design your site, it has become common to expect the new site to fetch hundreds of visitors and leads automatically. However, it takes no time for this expectation to convert into disappointment. The main reason for this disappointment is that the search engines hardly know about your site and even if they know, they know it very little. This is because such local sites are designed for looking good, not for pleasing the search engines and the visitors. As a fact, a majority of Web design companies totally focus on design and are least bothered to ensure proper search optimization.

Moreover, local business owners with sites tend to focus more on running the daily physical operations instead of running their sites. Further, taking care and promoting a site need different skill set that many do not comprehend or have enough time to explore and learn. That is why the business owners don’t know from where to start for getting visitors to their site. In order to keep these barriers at bay, the help of a local SEO company is inevitable.

Source by Barbara Rollins