Domain Name Registration

What to think about when choosing your domain name.

The domain name is often the cheapest purchase for your website, but can also be one of the most important in defining your image or brand.  If you need any advice or help in registration contact Hertfordshire Web designers.  We can offer a full package of domain registrations, SEO and e-commerce website design.

Prior to purchasing your domain name consider the following points:-

1)      Try to include your company name and nature of business in the domain name.  Your company name makes it easier for people to find you and your nature of business makes it easier for search engines to decide your ranking.

2)      Most generic names – such as will have already been purchased, so try to choose a domain name closer to your particular segment of the industry such as

3)      If possible try not to use hyphens in domain name.  Often your customer will forget the hyphen and will possibly click on the website of a fellow competitor instead.  However if you are particularly keen on a domain name and the non-hyphenated version is already taken then the hyphenated version is more likely to be available.

4)      Sometimes the or .com version of the domain name is already registered, but the alternatives .net, .info, .biz may still be available.  Most domain registration companies will tell you which ones are available.

5)      Consider using the plural version of your preferred domain name.  It could be still available if the singular form is taken.

6)      Lengthen your domain name if the shortened, preferred version is not available.  It is possible to include more relevant keywords in a longer domain name which in turn, sometimes,  makes search engines rank you more highly.

7)      If you are totally set on a particular domain name that is already taken, it could be worth contacting the current owner and asking if they want to sell it.

We can help you choose and purchase your domain name or we can design and host the website you want for your domain name.  Contact Hertfordshire web designers for full information.